Horus on Mt. Tamalpais

November 23, 2008

Removed? The answer is...  No!       

So how big is Horus anyway? Click Here to find out

November 18, 2008

Yesterday on November 17, 2008 I received an E-mail from a source informing me that the statue of Horus on Mt. Tamalpais had been removed by the Marin County Open Space District. Naturally I was immediately concerned because of the unique sculpture and its setting. The sculpture has been in situ for several years and in my opinion should remain where it is as a well kept secret of the mountain. I followed up the message today with a call to the Public Information Officer of the Open Space District and was informed that the sculpture is still residing on the mountain unmolested and has not been removed by the District. This was verified by the ranger who operates in that area. So as of November 17, 2008 the sculpture is still present on the mountain. The district has placed a sign on it dated 10-29-08 in hopes that someone would claim it and remove it from the Open Space District land. Otherwise it could be impounded, removed and get this, disposed of! However I was assured the district has made no final decision on the disposition of the sculpture and it is possible that it will remain where it is due to its weight, inaccessibility of the site and the fact that it has resided there for some time and its uniqueness. I have the asked the Open Space District to leave the sculpture unmolested for what it represents as a cultural asset, its historical and curiosity value. I will post updates as they occur. I intend to revisit the sculpture in the near future to discover for myself if it is still there or not. After all my source and the Open Space District both can’t be right. Or as George W. Bush would say “It’s either there or it’s not there. “The mystery continues...

November 22, 2008

I went back to visit Horus yesterday and found the statue gone from its original site. I had a tip earlier that it had been moved and placed in the brush about 100 feet away. I did find him in the new setting as described and also was amazed to discover that he had been placed there without any disturbance of the land leading up to it. Meaning it was most likely carried to the new site and not dragged or pulled on a wheeled vehicle. While he was slightly unstable due to being placed on top of some foliage he was safe and sound for the time being.

A photo showing the same area without the statue from November 2008.

Horus in his new location better hidden among the brush on November 21, 2008.