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Domes, Arches and Minarets:

“This visually rich compendium by photojournalist Phil Pasquini showcases the Islamic motifs and designs found across the American architectural landscape… The colorful photographs highlight a plethora of Middle Eastern influences that migrated to America and sank roots in the built environment and popular culture.”

— Jonathan Friedlander, Saudi ARMCO World

“Through its well-written and revealing text and illustrations, it (Domes, Arches and Minarets) introduces readers to the influences and evolution of Islamic-inspired architecture in America...The photos of the buildings have been graced by voluminous texts on the mirror side of the page, and gives acres of information on the whys, hows, wheres and whens.”

— Muhammad Yusuf, The Gulf Today

“There are books that can certainly suprise us with the subject. Have you ever thought about how certain elements of Islamic architecture left a mark in American architectural tradition? The book is a must-have.”

— Islamic Arts Magazine

“Phil Pasquini unfolds another layer of America’s rich cultural heritage with his beautiful, well-researched work. A fun fascinating read about the many ways people have tried to transport the captivating elegance and magic of Islamic design back to the West. A book whose time is long overdue. An awareness heightener for lovers of history and art.”

— Jamal Dajani, Vice President of MENA/LAC, Internews

“Through Pasquini’s discerning lens, we see that examples of Islamic architecture in America are more common and varied than we previously realized...”

— Doug Kirby, Publisher,

“Anyone visiting the Middle East should take the book as a gift.”

— Delinda Hanley, News Editor, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

“Exceptionally well-written, with full page color photographs, Domes, Arches and Minarets uncovers some of the most important Islamic-influenced architecture created by non-Muslims in the United States. Full of surprising discoveries and unique historical insights, this compelling survey of an under-appreciated subject will have readers looking up to spot the elements of Islamic architecture that are a part of our American cultural heritage.”

— Andrew Stimson, American Educational Trust


"If you like art, architecture, American history, and the mixing of cultures, this is the book for you!"

California State Library, Book of the Week