World’s Largest Ball of Sisal Twine

Cawker City, Kansas

In 1953 farmer Frank Stoeber began what would eventually become the World’s largest ball of twine by saving and wrapping extra twine he had on his farm. The ball soon began to take shape and as it did, Frank all wrapped up in his ever growing project, began to collect more twine to increase its ever growing girth. By 1957 the ball weighed 2.5 tons was 8 feet tall and still growing. In 1961 Frank turned the ball over to the town where it then grew to 11 feet in diameter and was house in a gazebo. Recently it was moved to a new home as it continues to grow. The ball has literally put the “town on the map.” Too bad writer Mark Twine never lived here or they would have another reason to be on the map!

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