Jesse James is one of America’s most enduring and best know outlaws. In St Joseph, Missouri at Jesse’s Home, his last place of residence, you can visit the small modest house he rented from a town councilman. There in 1882 at the age of 34 he was gunned down by Bob Ford while straightening a God Bless This Home embroidery. It is said the home is the most dangerous place and this is a good example of what is mean.

The home at its original location, 1318 Lafayette Street, St Joseph, Missouri where Jesse was killed.

Jesse and Frank James

The God Bless Our Home embroidery in the parlor  that Jesse was straightening when he was fatally shot by in the back of the head by Bob Ford on April 3, 1882. The bullet hole is directly below the sign.

Souvenir death picture card.

Casting of Jesse’s skull from the 1995 exhumation showing the fatal bullet hole behind the right ear.

Casting of Jesse’s teeth showing gold fillings an expensive luxury at the time.

The James’ bedroom.

Backside showing the original cabin.

Jesse James boyhoodlog cabin home and addition.

The site where young Jess was plowing when Union Troops questioned him and beat him. When he ran to the house he found his stepfather hanged. This injustice lead him to join the guerrilla forces and thus began his new life as a rebel.

Jesse’s original grave on the James farm.

Jesse’s “new” grave at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Kearney, Missouri

Jesse’s stepbrother, Archie Samuel's grave.

Mt. Olivet Cemetery Kearney, Missouri

Captain Kit Dalton, rode with Jesse James

Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee