Piazza di Brancoli 1970

I had the distinct pleasure of living in Piazza di Brancoli (LU) Italy with my grandfather and his second wife for an entire year while working independently on my MFA in 1970. Using Brancoli and Lucca as my home base allowed me to travel extensively throughout Europe and North Africa. Living in a small Tuscan village without running water or indoor plumbing and only intermittent electrical service was a challenging and rewarding experience. In honor of those villagers who made my stay so warm and who accepted me into their homes, I present the following images...

Fernando Morelli

and broom

Nara and the Vespa Ape

Nonno Federigo

Amalia, Nara's



Dante Cecchettini

Dante with my banana sculpture

Dante with his Pinocchio sculptures

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Amalia, Dante and his wife Ermina with sculptures

Kids playing at the church

Village water source

The upper village in partial ruins